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Current status of precision casting industry in China

Date:2015-11-10 / Popularity:

Casting is one of the main ways to obtain the mechanical products. It is an important basic technology in the machinery industry. It plays an important role in the national economy. The casting blank is then processed by numerical control lathe,
Can be processed into the required mechanical parts.
The present situation of China's foundry industry is the output, the annual output of about 36500000 tons of castings, the factory point, more than 2, casting industry practitioners in more than 1200000 people. A major feature of China's foundry industry is the reform and opening up of the township
The rapid development of enterprises has become an important force in China's foundry industry. The number of township foundry factory has more than the point of the state, and the output of the casting factory is about half of the total output of the whole country.
In the present world, the development of the technology of industrial developed countries has four goals: 1. To reduce or eliminate pollution.
The production cost and shorten delivery time.
China's foundry industry in addition to the number of workers, more than the number of workers, production, compared with the developed countries, in terms of quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection, etc.. Cause these differences to the original
Because of the small size of the casting plant, the economic strength, technology and equipment behind, management level is low, the quality of the staff is not high.
In order to eliminate these gaps, in order to meet the needs of economic construction in China, and to the existence and development of the industry itself, China's foundry industry should improve the quality and economic benefits as the center, for domestic and international two
Market; strengthen management, lay a good foundation, improve the quality of enterprises, adjust the industrial structure, rational allocation of resources, promote the appropriate scale of operation; continue to apply for advanced production processes and technology and equipment to transform the foundry industry, to achieve cleaner
Production and sustainable development.
1, the benefit is the basic development of the enterprise development foundation is the benefit, the development is in order to realize the higher efficiency. China should have a high efficiency in the foundry industry. Without the benefit of the enterprise, even the survival is difficult, but also on the development of. In order to improve the benefit, we should from the following
Several aspects: consumption of downsizing and energy saving. To achieve professional production. Using new technology to realize scientific management. 2, quality is the life of the enterprise
Quality and effectiveness sometimes seem contradictory, but they are unified. Products of poor quality of the enterprise is not a foothold, not to mention the benefits, it is impossible to continue to develop. To improve the quality of the product should be from the following several aspects:
Reasonable purchase of raw and auxiliary materials, the correct formulation and strict implementation of the relevant technical regulations. New technology, new technology, new equipment and new materials. The research and application of computer technology in casting production to strengthen the a..
B. with high hardness and high uniformity of the casting in sand mold casting, development and promotion process and relevant equipment. New process of C. development near net shape and net shape casting.
D. development of liquid metal processing and purification of new technology and new technology, optimize material properties. E. development of mechanical automation, in order to ensure the stability of casting quality, uniformity, improve labor conditions.
Research and application of F. to strengthen environmental protection equipment. Third, with a stable high-quality workforce. 3, to achieve cleaner production
Cleaner production is the basic requirement of sustainable development. The implication of cleaner production is: to achieve the lowest possible resources (raw materials) and energy consumption, to achieve a pleasant production environment and minimum or zero pollutant emissions; the production of clean
Products (product energy consumption, material consumption, easy to reuse and meet the requirements of human machine engineering. Foundry cleaner production is mainly the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment to achieve low consumption, low pollution or
Non polluting and the pleasant environment of the foundry production


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